Radical Collaboration® Workshop Cape Town 23-25 Nov 2020

R 19,900.00

(R 15,920.00 + 15% VAT for private booking)
10% discount for 2 or more bookings

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Radical Collaboration® is a 3-day highly-interactive and experiential workshop designed to teach people practical and immediately usable skills essential to creating trust and building effective collaborative relationships between individuals and teams in organisations of all types - wherever people need to collaborate to reach a goal.


In this workshop, you will learn the 5 essential skills for building strong collaborative relationships: 


  1. Collaborative Intention - stay non-defensive and commit to mutual success in relationships

  2. Truthfulness - create a climate of honesty and openness that allows people to feel safe enough to discuss difficult issues

  3. Self-Accountability - taking responsibility for the consequences of your actions

  4. Self-Awareness and Awareness of Others - know yourself and others well enough to explore difficult interpersonal issues

  5. Problem Solving and Negotiating - negotiate your way through inevitable conflict


Chartfield Guesthouse

30 Gatesville Road

Kalk Bay

Cape Town


Date: 23-25 Nov 2020

Times: The training starts at 08:00 and ends at 17:00.

Standard Price: R22885 incl. VAT

Early-bird Price: R20585 incl. VAT [Ends 15th Oct 2020]

Private Price*:  R16019.50 incl. VAT

*Bona fide private participants, individual consultants and micro organisations not registered for VAT


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